I have been using British Home Emporium for my home decorating for 6 years now. The designers have been awesome!

I love my living room and family room that they designed in my home. When I sold that home, the buyers wanted to buy my furniture.

I am now buying a bigger home and I am using Sarah and Jill again to decorate my entire home.



We purchased a table George had made for our kitchen. We were so happy with his work and asked him to create a corner cabinet for us .

He listened to what we wanted and was able to make the perfect unit for us. He really knows his craft and creates beautiful pieces.



I hired Nina Karamallis and Aileen Gutch. They worked together beautifully and my living room is breathtaking!

Together they used an eclectic style of furniture and incorporated some of my all ready existing furniture.



I used British Home Emporium for my custom kitchen cabinetry and for some interior design on my addition .

Jihan was my interior designer who went above and beyond the customer service I had expected.

If there were ever any bumps in the road they were immediately there to remedy the problem .

They also have beautiful unique furniture at their store to help you achieve the home of your dreams.

If only all service businesses were as attentive as British Home.